Monday, February 9

Fall & Stay


Monday. Feb. 9, 2015.

Everyone will FALL in love but sadly, not all will try to STAY.

Love is like a rainbow. However, there will be no such rainbow without rain and storms. Love is not something that will provides you 24/7 happiness. For me, love is how you learn to accept imperfections, how both of you will try your best to stay through thick and thin, after a big fight, both of you still be able to sit together and forgiving each other, and after all challenges and problems, both of you still want to be together. No matter how hard, you will stay. True love needs a lot of sacrifice and patience.

If you FALL in love too easily, then it will be so hard for you to STAY. 

I just can't understand how a guy/girl who already in a relationship can easily flirt and fall in love with another girl/guy. If words and love can be so cheap and meaningless, then true love will never exist in this world. Trust me, when there's a third person, it will be so hard for you to stay.  How can you fall in love with someone else if you are deadly in love with your existing partner? There's no such thing as "saja nak test market". 

Learn how to fall in love and stay.Those three little words might not give any meaning to you but by using those words, you may hurt someone who truly loves you. In case you didn't know : to someone, you might be their world.

You will never know if it will last forever, but you can always try to stay.

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