Friday, April 3

Should we fight for him?

salam & hye.

I used to love someone. I used to appreciate him. He used to be my happiness. He used to be part of my life.

One day, a girl "dm" me at twitter and she asked me about him. I thought she just another ordinary girl who was so obsessed with him. Don't blame me okay. I was so stewwwpid because I trust him. Based on his stories, she's the one who was soooooo deadly in love with him. 😏

Frankly, first conversation was so "krik krik". I don't even know who the hell she is. Dari mana datang ni cik adik oi? She suddenly said hye and after a few minutes, she told me everything *together with screenshot pictures*. Evidence accepted. Beyond reasonable doubt Yang Arif. LOL.

At first, I thought she lied. Nahhhhh~~ She didn't. He Lied. He Lied. He liedddd! Demmmm. I feel like want to throw him from tingkat 21. Seriously.

Guess who is she?

His girlfriend.

Yup. I repeat...


Since we knew about this, both of us decided to leave. Yes.LEAVE. No one gonna stay. I'm not interested to fight for him. Like seriously, siapa yang nak lelaki macam tu? No one.

We start a new life. New chapter. New story. No more lies. No more drama.

Everyone thought that we will have a difficult time to forget everything about him. Nope. Exactly no. Because we have each other.

Everyone thought that we will fight and she will become my greatest enemy. No no no! That's soooooo not us. Since the day we knew about him, we keep on texting and facetime-ing each other. Keep on asking whether she's okay or not. Keep on jadi a loyal "pompom girl" for each other whenever one of us feels down.

Till now, she's my sister from another mother. Annoying yet cute. Crazy yet big-hearted.

No points to fight for someone who don't deserve to be part of your life. No one will fight for a shit. Right? 💁

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